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Please note that the API only works for getting new proxy from "ProxyList", and can not be used to reuse the proxy from "TodayList". The following are how to use the API and examples.

After login to the software, swich to API tab, click "Start Proxy" button, you need to keep the software staying start proxy when you use the API

Copy api URL, put the link to the software/script you want to use, then you can automatically assign proxies.

you can use the parameter like this:

- Use a random proxy from any countries

- Use a random proxy from US

- Use a random proxy from US, state: NewYork

- Use a random proxy from US, state: NewYork, city: New York

- Use a random proxy zip code is 000

mum Extract port count Country Extract port count Zip City zip code
State State, default nationwide City State, default nationwide t1 txt
t2 Json        

For country you need to enter the country ISO alpha-2 code, if you have no idea, you can visit:Country code